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Design and implementation
of sustainable structures in
livestock and agriculture

A complete set of standards and solutions for equipping, constructing and developing livestock and agricultural projects.

Design and execution of free stall halls

Design and implementation of feeding factory

Design and implementation of greenhouses

Design and Engineering

This complex performs all the designs related to the structures with full knowledge of the requirements of a livestock or agricultural unit.

Build and run

We are by your side to implement the best agricultural and livestock structures for you. And no longer worry about the correct and timely implementation of projects.

Equipping, supplying, installing

We are fully prepared for all stages of equipping, supplying, installing and commissioning machinery and equipment. All you have to do is leave it to us.

News of agriculture, livestock and related industries

Mandegar Sazeh Heev Designer and executor of sustainable structures
in livestock, agriculture and related industries
"Design and engineering of livestock mega farm is our specialty"

We specialize in designing and operating free-standing halls, milking parlors, animal feed mills, hay warehouses and corn storage silos. And the company's goals are to achieve sustainable structures, environmentally friendly, quality product and high efficiency.

Mandegar Sazeh Hugh Company in the field of construction and construction, with the support of its scientific and executive experiences and benefiting from experienced managers and specialists, has been able to be one of the leading companies in the field of design and implementation of agricultural and livestock structures with the aim of sustainable, quality and efficient structures. To provide significant efficiency in providing civil services and using modern construction technologies and appropriate execution methods and the use of modern industrial equipment and machinery in its portfolio.

This company was established with the aim of presenting the construction and implementation of engineering and creativity projects in the structures of livestock and agricultural industries, as well as the use of new techniques in implementation and management. The management structure of this complex has always tried to play a dynamic and systematic role in the development and excellence of civil infrastructure and relying on the knowledge and experience of its human resources in order to achieve goals such as design, construction and implementation of livestock and agricultural projects with Take the best quality step.

A structural engineer must pay attention to two issues when designing a structure: The first issue is to study the resistance of the structure against loads on the structure, which include live loads, wind loads, snow loads, people, dead loads and earthquakes loads, etc. By designing a bearing system and calculating and controlling the sufficient resistance of structural members against these loads. The second issue is to check the efficiency of the structure, ie the structure must be free of items such as vibration and deformation outside the allowable size of the regulations. That these matters should be considered. All this is done by experts in this company.

Mandegar SazehStableQualityEfficiency

We always strive to provide up-to-date and high quality services at a reasonable price. So that we can provide relative comfort in obtaining the services and goods you need. We hope we have been able to put a smile of satisfaction on your face in achieving this important goal.
سازه های دامپروری و کشاورزی
ماندگار سازه هیو
Four basic principles in our company:
Quality         Efficiency
Environmental    Sustainability

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